Ken Pries

Spinning Plates≈ Chaos Theory, 2012
Clint Eastwood≈ Warner Brothers, 2012
Born To Rage: The Warrior Gene≈ National Geographic Television, 2011
Taboo:≈ National Geo Television, “Vampires”, “Prison Brides”, “Autopsy”, 2007, 2008
Rogue Sharks≈ Discovery Channel, Nutopia, 2011
Sharkbite Beach≈ Discovery Channel, Furnace, 2010
Squid Invasion≈ Discovery Channel, Creative Differences, 2009
Under The Hollywood Sign ≈ Hope Anderson Productions, 2007
City In Fear-“The Hillside Strangler”≈ Msnbc, 44 Blue, 2006
One Six Right: The Romance Of Flight≈ Terwilliger Productions, 2005
Science Of The Bible≈ National Geographic Television, Creative Differences, High Def,2005
Ultimate Speed≈ National Geographic Television, Producer: Eric Cochran, 2004
Is Walmart Good For America≈ Frontline, Producer: Rick Young, 2004
Warship≈ National Geographic Television, Producer: Eric Cochran, 2003
Full Circle - Direct Tv 2013-2014
Socal Connected - Kcet 2012 - 2015
Dr. Phil- 2005-2012
The Doctors- 2008-2012
A Night At The Movies≈ Turner Classic Movies, 2010-2012
Party Like≈ National Geographic Television, Edge West Productions, 2012
Ancient Aliens≈ Prometheus Productions, Discovery Channel, 2010
Unusual Suspects≈ Discovery Id, L.A., Ca. 2009,
How Do I Look≈ Style Network, L.A., Ca., 2004, 2005
California Connected≈ Kcet, L.A., Ca., 2004
The Chair≈ Abc, L.A., Ca., 2002

Corporate Films
Apple, Exxon, McDonald’s Microsoft, GM, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, IBM, Direct TV, Proctor & Gamble, Hershey, Mattel, Ernst & Young, ITT
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